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CHENNAI: Earlier this year, at a yoga teachers training programme at India Yoga in Mysuru, city-based yoga instructor Hruthika Charan was introduced to the world of acro yoga, a practice that weaves yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics together.

In an attempt to generate awareness about the technique and to bring this fun branch of yoga to the city, the instructor is curating a two-day workshop, headed by Bangalore-based trainers Amar Srividya and Neha Khincha, this weekend. Recalling her first brush with the technique, Hruthika says, “In June, I was at the yoga retreat center to learn Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. On International Yoga Day, we (instructors) had some free time and were out in the lawn showing what we had learnt, and were experimenting poses.” During the jamming session, Hruthika’s friend from Australia, Nina decided to show a slice of acro yoga technique. “I was in the lawn with her. She briefly told me what to do. I did as instructed, and I was off the ground and I felt like I was flying! It was thrilling and from then on, I have been hooked to it,” shares the instructor who then went on to attend an acro yoga workshop by Amar, a certified instructor. “That’s how I got acquainted with him,” she says.

Hruthika says that once she came back to the city, she found several yoga and fitness enthusiasts who either didn’t know about the technique or were enthusiastic and willing to learn. “There are always a bunch of people who complain about not having something fun to do in the city, or being bored by having to do the same activities. So, I thought why not bring in something unique that people can try!” she explains.
While there are underlying apprehensions about yoga, Hruthika says that this technique could be a good way to reap the benefits of yoga and acrobatics in a different way. “Acro yoga has a base, flyer and a spotter.

The base is the one who lies down and holds up the other person in different asanas. In the workshop, one will learn three primary roles, partner stretches and how to maintain balance as they fly,” she explains. Acro yoga is largely attributed to building trust and coordination. This will also be one of the features of the workshop. “I want to build an acro yoga community in the city. Once the participants are acquainted to the techniques and poses, we can have jamming sessions at the beach and use our creativity to tailor our own poses,”she adds.

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